What can I say about Garrett?! He's the greatest guy you'll ever meet. I met him at OU in Fall '96 when I pledged Pi Kappa Alpha. Over the next five years, we found ourselves in many different places together. Garrett is a fellow Eagle Scout, and I finally talked him into applying for Philmont Staff (Ranger to be more specific) in '99. He got the job and promptly returned the next year and served as a Rayado Ranger.

This was taken while sitting out a storm on the Tooth Ridge at Philmont. Our parents were there visiting, so we were attempting to hike the Tooth from Base Camp. Unfortunately, we were turned back short of the top by a thunderstorm.

These were taken at Chandler Park near Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was a small roof problem that was real cool. It wasn't that high off the ground, we were just chicken of falling on our heads.